Episode 231 – Elementary Boners

lvbuffy20f-3-webOur geeky units are engorged and we need to podcast some relief!  This week, Tim and Molly are both taking long, hard looks at some television shows and Nick is talking about an operation.  We don’t want to spoil the episode but Nick’s operation is super appropriate given this is a geeky boner episode.  Wink Wink.  We also read off another listener’s answers to our five questions!

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One Response to Episode 231 – Elementary Boners

  1. Cetius Scotchbringer says:

    “Hush” is Season 4, musical “Once More With Feeling” is Season 6. Love Buffy and Angel, though Buffy is the better of the two. If you’re interested in what some writers have to say about the shows, check out http://storywonk.com/category/podcasts/dusted/.