Episode 228 – The Atheist Delusion

dvd_the-atheist-delusion-300x300Back on Sunday the 6th of November, the three of us joined Brianne Bilyeu on Atheists Talk radio to discuss Ray Comfort’s film The Atheist Delusion.  You can listen to that episode here.  Thing is, we couldn’t swear (full disclosure – Nick swore).  And this is a movie that completely deserves some serious time devoted to swearing.  If you want to watch the movie, you can see it for free on YouTube.  We want to be really clear, though: You don’t want to watch it.  Here’s a link, but don’t watch it.  Listen to us bitch about it.  That should be enough.

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3 Responses to Episode 228 – The Atheist Delusion

  1. Anonymous says:

    I decided to watch The Atheist Delusion after listening to this episode. Now I’m just angry and want to beat Ray Comfort’s goddamn face in with a brick. What a useless piece of shit motherfucker he is. I hope that if there really is a hell (there isn’t), it’s reserved for fucking psychos like him.

  2. I also decided to watch The Atheist Delusion after listening to the episode. I realized while watching that this was not the first Ray Comfort “documentary” (read: mockumentary) I had seen. Someone on the U of M campus handed me a DVD once that was called Evolution v. God with lots of images of the double helix, cells, etc. on the cover. I (stupidly) thought that it was a DVD that was proving evolution/disproving god to Christians, boy was I wrong. It was just as poorly constructed but far funnier than The Atheist Delusion. Future episode idea?

    Love the show.