Episode 194 – International Women’s Day Boners

IMG_6337This week we have some more geeky boners to share!  Our recording took place on International Women’s Day so we try to come up with a lady parts equivalent to “geeky boner” and that takes a surprisingly long amount of time.  We also talk about Zootopia, Crazy Ex Girlfriend and some productivity and exercise apps the three of us are currently using.  And Tim takes off his wedding ring!  Scandal!!!!

Take a look at the characters from Zootopia and from Robin Hood.  Coincidence????



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5 Responses to Episode 194 – International Women’s Day Boners

  1. Bob Alberti says:

    I could hear Tim blushing during the beginning of this episode.

  2. Andrew Mlynar says:

    I have to correct Tim about Zootopia. He mentions that all of the cops are herbivores. This is untrue–the trainer at the police academy is a bear, the desk sergeant, Clawhauser, is a cheetah, and there were several big cats among the officers during the briefings. Granted, the chief was a cape buffalo, and two of the more prominently featured officers were a rhino and an elephant, but there definitely were predators among the police force.

  3. Oh hey, a geeky fitness episode! And featuring more Me than any episode before!

    I’m kind of a fitness-app addict, I don’t think I could get half as much done without a step counter and a calorie tracker and such. I’ve never tried stronglifts… I might give it a shot the next time I change up my weight program. For right now I think I’ve gotten into a good groove and I’ll just increase the weight until I get stuck in a rut.

    I’ve tried some running apps, like the Zombie one, but I haven’t found anything that can beat some good music. Or some bad-but-fast-and-loud music.

    I’ve been using Habitica obsessively for two years now. Just like I don’t think I’d get half as much exercise done without carefully tracking it, I know I wouldn’t get half as many chores & such done without those to-do lists. I installed it to help me stop procrastinating for a move, and since then it’s been great for those little things that otherwise get forgotten. Like flossing and checking the mail.

    • HOW DO YOU START A PARTY ON HABITICA, RYAN??? It won’t let me. It says I have to enter a party name but it won’t let me enter a party name!

      I want to destroy beasts! At least, I assume I can destroy beasts if I form a party…