Episode 191 – Deadpool

38876_104This week, we once again take a deep dive into spoiler territory with Deadpool! We cover all the facets of the movie we really enjoyed and make a lot of dirty jokes.  Because when you are talking about Deadpool, you really need to make a few dirty jokes.  ALSO, we announce some information about our upcoming 200th show!  You can come watch us record live onstage with a bunch of special guests.  We’ll probably break the fourth wall all over the place so it makes sense we’d use this episode to announce the big event.

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One Response to Episode 191 – Deadpool

  1. I found some info about the F bombs in Deadpool.
    84 F-words and its derivatives
    34 scatological terms
    21 sexual references
    19 anatomical terms
    9 religious exclamations
    8 mild obscenities, name calling
    3 obscene hand gestures