Episode 189 – Mini Geek Debates

Who_is_your_favourite_Star_Trek_captain_We couldn’t decide what to talk about for this week’s episode so we decided to debate all the geek things ever!  Molly acts as moderator for several popular geek debate topics including “Star Trek” vs. Star Wars, Our favorite Doctor, our Favorite “Star Trek” captain, and more!  We know you are geeks so you have opinions.  So do we.  And this episode was all about some of them.  If you enjoyed the episode, we encourage you to submit your own geek debate topics.  Maybe we’ll do this again!

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2 Responses to Episode 189 – Mini Geek Debates

  1. Just listened to this while working out, in my CONvergence shirt.

    Yay Sisko!

    Boo making fun of 11 for being a clown. Come on, they’re all clowns to some extent. (disclaimer: only watched revival, but in there they are.)

  2. Felicity says:

    This episode was fun! I especially like Molly’s one rule for time travel: “make sure my parents fuck”.

    I’m glad I held off listening until after I recorded with you on Sunday, though, otherwise I might have started a fight with Nick about Matt Smith. 😉