Episode 179 – Terrorism

IMG_6289Note: This episode was recorded prior to the attack in San Bernadino, California last week.

This week, the three of us sit down and talk domestic and international terrorism.  We talk about racism and how we have difficulty identifying white people as terrorists.  We also look at the question of whether or not some actions of the anti-abortion movement can be defined as terrorism.   We look at mental illness as a scapegoat as well.  So it’s pretty serious over here in the basement studios.

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3 Responses to Episode 179 – Terrorism

  1. Jay Vaughn says:

    What the ever loving fuck? Are you actually fucking serious are was that some jackass wingnut getting Poe’d? Saying being anti-abortion is being a terrorist is fucking cray.

    • I don’t think any of us said that “being anti-abortion is being a terrorist.” What we said is that shooting up or bombing a clinic that performs abortions is terrorism. Shooting people at a Planned Parenthood makes you a domestic terrorist, not, as the media always seems to spin it, a “mentally unstable shooter.”

      You’re welcome to believe whatever you want about abortion. You can even protest outside of a clinic. But you don’t get to shoot people with whom you disagree and you don’t get to threaten violence or assault and you sure as shit don’t get to do those things without being called out as a terrorist.

      • I gotta re-listen but I’m sure I at least intimated that the tactics of anti-abortion groups at least border on terrorism. I’m comfortable standing by that.