Episode 175 – Separating the Art from the Artist

jello-pudding-pops-bill-cosbyWow – we’ve reached 175 episodes and we didn’t even notice!  Does that make you concerned about our integrity?  Maybe you think it is so awful, you aren’t sure if you can listen to our podcast any longer.  Before you make that decision, you should listen to our conversation about dealing with the enjoyment of an artists’s work even when you know that artist to be flawed.  Can you still watch “The Cosby Show” knowing what you know about Bill Cosby?  What about Woody Allen movies?  How easy or difficult is it to appreciate the art when you know something terrible about the artist?

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3 Responses to Episode 175 – Separating the Art from the Artist

  1. Footnotegirl says:

    A note on the Roman Polanski rape. This one is not really comparable to the Jerry Lee Lewis ‘yes she was young but there was consent’ issue (note: Jerry Lee Lewis was still creepy and 13 is too young to reasonably consent to a sexual relationship with an adult male, let alone a celebrity).
    Roman Polanski flat out raped Samantha Geimer. Even if she had been 30 years old, it would have been rape. She was plied with liquor and qualuudes, locked in a room, told to strip. She said “No” repeatedly and tried to fight him off before he raped and sodomized her. That she was a 13 year old girl in an already incredibly vulnerable position just makes it worse. But it was not just statutory rape. She was drugged (could not consent even were she an adult) and she said no (did not consent).

  2. Robin Raianiemi says:

    Both Roman Polanski and Bill Cosby are rapists, no questions about it.

    That said, neither of them actually want to harm an entire class of people. Orson Scott Card wants to deny gay and lesbian people, as a whole, the rights that should accrue to them in our (secular) society. He wants to harm people that I know and love.

    As far as I am aware of, Cosby and Polanski don’t wanna fuck with people that I know. Seriously, screw that.

    That’s how I personally can justify going to see a Roman Polanski movie, but want to avoid Card like the plague.