Episode 168 – God’s Not Dead

godsnotdeadLast year at this time, we sat down with Ronn Bauman and Tony Miller to record an episode about Dark Dungeons. We had a lot of fun so this year, we brought them back to watch God’s Not Dead, a fundamentalist Christian film that Tim calls fundie porn.  What we had hoped would be good for a few laughs was, instead, a plodding, dull, and predictable film in which everyone who isn’t the right kind of Christian is a horrible person in need of redemption.  It includes a straw-man atheist character played by Kevin Sorbo and a whole lot of bad apologetics.  The podcast is, we hope, entertaining.  Skip the movie.


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2 Responses to Episode 168 – God’s Not Dead

  1. Nick Knight says:

    Good job, one of your better episodes.

  2. I’ll have to go back for the other questions since I was in the car, but an easy answer to the one about “which fantasy world” jumped out at me immediately: Iain M. Banks’ “Culture” universe. A post-scarcity utopia with magic-level tech? Sign me right up.