Episode 167 – Rape Culture

rape-culture1This week, we are joined by frequent guest Tony Miller to talk about rape culture.  We talk about some recent events that enforce the idea that our culture, in Tony’s opinion, actually encourages rape.  We talk about recent incidents at college campuses and ever #blacklivesmatter. So you know, a super cheerful conversation!  As always, Tony’s opinions are thoughtful, intelligent, and very interesting.

Note: Tim is a dork and forgot to edit out the original, botched intro.  So you get two intros this week!

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3 Responses to Episode 167 – Rape Culture

  1. James Thomas says:

    Can we teach our kids the proper golden rule? Do not do onto others that you would not want done to you.

  2. James Thomas says:

    If you are at Convergence and you need a safe place on Friday Saturday Sunday morning, please come down to the mimosa morning by the pool, we open at 6am, order a drink which can just be juice and tell the carder what is going on, or just order potato juice because it will tell us there is a problem and we will do everything that we can to make sure you are safe.

  3. I didn’t hate the “how not to rape” meme because I was offended as a guy. I hated it for how stupid it was. For attacking well-meaning advice, which as you guys said is also necessary. And yes, it usually started with “instead of that bullshit”, referring to various measures including learning self-defense. Not in addition to, instead of. And because, as you guys also pointed out, it’s not like a rapist reads that and goes “oh, THAT’S how not to do it!”