Episode 126 – Force Boners

new-saber-so-what-s-up-with-star-wars-episode-vii-s-new-lightsaberWelcome back for a new geeky boner episode!  It has been a while since we’ve explored our latest geeky obsessions so this week we get to spend a lot of quality time with some new fall TV series and some new Star Wars stuff.  Not just the new trailer for Episode VII either.  We also get a few hints about an upcoming expansion for the role playing game as well!  As always, we finish off with five answers from a listener.

Show notes below the fold:

Here’s a link to the official trailer for Episode VII.

Here’s a link to the “special edition” trailer.

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6 Responses to Episode 126 – Force Boners

  1. Cetius d'Raven says:

    TIE Fighters would not fly well in atmosphere, according to the old tech manuals. It’s a minor grumble. Honestly, I think the lightsaber having the cross blades would be potentially dangerous for the wielder, so that’s my bigger gripe, but this is assuming they are full “blades”.

    My geeky boner right now is certainly Warlords of Draenor, the latest World of Warcraft expansion. I’ve been running home over lunch every day to play.

  2. I knew that Now You See Me would be a contentious choice. I am coming to the conclusion that I am in the minority of people who actually liked it. Given that the other option at the time I sent the answers in was Days of Future Past, at least one of you would have disagreed with me regardless. As far as the geeky hobbies, it’s hard to pick one that’s beyond the normal geekiness, based on the criteria of the question; my geekiness covers a broad range, but none of my interests are particularly deep. As the host of another favorite podcast of mine proclaims, I am a dork chameleon. On another topic–of all of the people who have tried pronouncing my unpronounceable last name without coaching, Molly came the closest I’ve heard in a long time.

  3. My current geeky boner* is Serial, an NPR podcast that’s a week-by-week story delving into a 15-year-old murder case. The reporter doesn’t yet know the whole story, and in fact a recent show had newly found information about previous topics that was revealed after those earlier episodes had aired. Unlike Star Wars, you DEFINITELY want to start this one with Episode 1, which lays out the crime and the case and is the foundation for everything else. Episodes upload every Thursday.


    • I am all over this. Thanks for the recommendation!

      • Next week’s episode is the last one for this season, and next season (release TBA) will be a whole new story, so you don’t have to worry about falling farther and farther behind.