Episode 114 – Proselytizing

No-preachingThis weeks episode is our annual visit with our friend Tony Miller!  Tony suggested we discuss Proselytizing and while we all had some ideas where that topic would go, we found ourselves exploring a great many topics that all related back to the same central point.  For the second straight week we talked about abortion so you can look forward to that.  Then Tony asked us five very thoughtful questions and we provided him with thoughtful answers.  It’s a very thoughtful show filled to the brim with thoughts.  Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Episode 114 – Proselytizing

  1. Jessica Dalton-Morgan says:

    For a great demonstration of how two sides of a debate are being given equal representation in a debate, even though the majority of scientists agree on one position, watch this video from John Oliver:

  2. Jessica Dalton-Morgan says: