Episode 112 – Don’t Stop Not Believin’

Journey, Dont-Stop-Believing, 2013, davincis demonsThis week we gathered in the luxurious trailer studios to record an episode with our friend Eric Thompson.  Eric (like Tim) grew up in the Catholic Church and he takes us on an exploration of the difference between being devout and being bored.  We learn how Tim ditched church with the help of his Father (who had once been in school to be a Catholic priest), Eric’s Tattoo, and a lot of other interesting things.  Eric also has some good answers for our five questions.

Show notes below the fold:

Tim mentions an article about Guardians of the Galaxy that annoyed him.  Read if you dare!

Here’s video evidence of the sandwich Eric describes from Man vs. Food.

Eric has a podcast!  Check out The High Five Guys!



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4 Responses to Episode 112 – Don’t Stop Not Believin’

  1. Eleanor S says:

    This is why I am so glad that RenFest was basically my church. My community, my morals (and lack thereof to some), my childhood – these are all rooted in the Renaissance Festival and the Morris dancers. My religious ceremonies are the Abbott’s Bromley morris dance and final closing gate, my rituals are putting on and taking off the costume, greeting friends be-fore the patrons flood in, and flirting with all the people. :)

    • The Abbott’s Bromley is the site blessing with the horns/antlers they do at the beginning of the season, right? I’ve had the privilege of seeing it twice now. I’m glad Molly didn’t have to go to GenCon this year, she finally got to see it for the first time this year.

      What I especially love about it is that you can tell every part is very deliberate and represents something specific, though what the details might represent is a mystery to me. The combination of reverence and ritual is so eerie, it’s certainly something everyone out there should check out at least once.

  2. Eleanor S says:

    Indeed! If you are ever interested in learning a little more of the symbolism and history behind the dance, I am more than happy to geek out about Morris at any time!

    Al-so, it is likely we will be doing the dance again this Sun-day evening, though it will possibly be on Satyr-day in-stead.

  3. Steffen says:

    There actually are secular premarital counselors, my wife and I went to one before we got married 6 years ago. I don’t remember her name, my wife arranged our sessions, but in them we had a place where we could have an open discussion about what being married meant for each of us, and could have our discussion moderated by the counselor.