Episode 101 – Second Generation Atheism

This week we are joined by Megan Culverhouse of the Ridiculous Puppet Company!  We’ve had a lot of puppeteers on of late.  Probably just a coincidence. Megan is a second generation atheist, raised by an atheist and an agnostic.  Because her experience differed from our own, we spend a lot of time exploring how that experience shaped her.  We also hear some very interesting stories from her dad’s time in Vietnam!  It’s a really heart warming episode!

Show notes below the fold:

Here is the Ridiculous Puppet Company Youtube Channel, where you can watch Felton’s Vlog.

In our outro, we make fun of the Burn & Brew podcast.  Since you probably don’t listen to it, here’s a link.

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One Response to Episode 101 – Second Generation Atheism

  1. No show notes about the science fiction series referenced in the show? I thought you were supposed to get the info emailed to you to put up – I liked the sound of it but I’m having trouble trying to google the author etc without knowing the spelling and especially without the actual name of the series or anything.