Episode 99 – SIR Ben Kingsley

This week’s guest is actor, puppeteer, and movie star Charles Hubbell!  Charles joins us to talk about many things but primary among them is his work on Walking with the Enemy, a film currently playing in theaters!  If you can find it in your area, you should to see it if only because we know a guy who is in the movie!!!  Charles was a fascinating guest.  He shared some stories about working with Ben Kingsley and even got around to answering our five questions.  You should listen!  He even did a little bit of Count LeShoc for our on our outro!!!

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2 Responses to Episode 99 – SIR Ben Kingsley

  1. I think I saw him in a puppet variety show Convergence 2013. One of very few times in my life I was part of a crowd that had more than a few people cheer when the word “atheist” was used. Cheers immediately followed by laughter. “Atheist” –cheers–laughter because of the cheers. Great bit in an overall amazing show.

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