Episode 93 – Lady Parts and Gay Issues

This week’s episode was recorded live at Die Laughing.  It features comedian Elizabeth Ess talking about the Supreme Court and Hobby Lobby.  They sell yarn, in case you didn’t know.  They also really don’t want to be “forced” to provide certain kinds of contraception to their employees.  While we were talking to Elizaabeth about serious legal issues, we were also trying to raise money for Fearless Comedy.  You can hear how we did on those challenges, if you didn’t already know.

There is some editing of the podcast during times when we were having really exciting conversations with people in the back of the room.

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2 Responses to Episode 93 – Lady Parts and Gay Issues

  1. Albatross says:

    Basically women’s rights in America depend upon whether or not a team of lawyers can teach obstetrics and gynecology to Great Grandpa Kennedy.

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