Episode 88 – Sportsball!

This week, we take a look at sports and geek culture.  While there are plenty of exceptions, a lot of geeks just aren’t all that interested in sports.  Can those geeks be dismissive of their friends who do have an interest in sports?  Tim calls himself a “closeted sports geek” because he enjoys sports but hangs around with a lot of people who don’t.  So the question is, does he feel oppressed in geek circles because he can’t talk about something he enjoys?  Philosophical conversation abounds and then we read five answers off of some sort of futuristic communication device called “paper.”

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11 Responses to Episode 88 – Sportsball!

  1. “If there were – I mean, they are not listening – but if there were like normal sports fans…” -Molly

    Um… hi. Sports fan here. Regular listener. Just thought you should know that your audience is more varied than you might think.

    • We apologize and will reprimand Molly by cutting her cute goat picture intake for 1 day.

    • Whoa! Dude, I never would have guessed that we had “normal sports fan” listeners! Consider me both impressed and chastised. My apologies for assuming!

      • No apologies necessary, just letting you know we’re here. :)

        • Yeap! And Dan’s not alone. :-)

          (Although, more in line with true geek style, I prefer the more complicated sports. Like football and autoracing. Watching 10 guys go back and forth forth between two hoops and pretend to be hurt when they pretend to be knocked down still doesn’t impress me…!)


  2. Thinking of posts on Facebook that you don’t want to post because of people disagreeing. I had someone who would post his anti-gay marriage and Republican views. Along with other narrow minded posts about inequality. He wanted stay if you don’t agree with him to defriend or block his posts. I didn’t agree but I ignored them. As soon as I posted a meme of Ash from Army of Darkness on Ash Wednesday he ripped into me. He called me narrow minded and how dare I make fun of someone else beliefs. I just blocked him from seeing my posts since I am still friends with his wife. But I wanted to tell him to take his own advice.

  3. BTW screw sports

  4. Dave DuJour says:

    Nick, that NPR thing you’re referring to early in the podcast is for college American football, not basketball. I heard the same NPR report.

    And I completely missed this Richard Sherman thing, but I don’t follow pointyball at all. I miss a lot less stressy things by not being on Facebook much.

    • Ha! See, that just shows how much I know about sports and how closely I can pay attention. Ah well, close enough, maybe?

      Good catch, and thanks!

  5. Sure Tim can talk sports as molly says there are varied geeks.
    But I work with sporty people, & sports on the whole is silly waste of time.
    Tim…How about Joe Dude playing wackaMole! His BGYN is now 3!!
    Me… Who is joe? what is WackaMole and what is a BGYN??
    Tim..don’t follow sports?
    No I’m not picking on Tim just using his name.
    Its not so much not liking sports as the idea of watching Joe Dude scratch his ass ad spit is just too much time consuming to bother with. I like DOING the sports I like (none are on TV) and my geeky interests to spend any time on the couch watching Joe Dude scratch his butt. But if a someone is truly interested I will listen politely and make the appropriate noises and help make his day good. So Tim this geek would listen and try to understand for those few minutes of communication.
    And I admit that it is very difficult to talk about DOING a sport as when you carry a bat around with you for demo, it can make other people really nervous.