Episode 76 – Mini Boners

It’s time for another Geeky Boner episode!  This week, Tim talks about the 2013 version of Butt-Numb-a-Thon in Austin (he’s talked about it before).  As usual, he claims his favorite movie was some obscure old movie instead of one of the big name premieres.  Nick gets all excited about a new comic by Darwyn Cooke.  Molly has a series of mini boners because she’s still on pain medication.  Tim coughs a lot.  We also get to read five answers from a listener in Scotland.

Show notes below the fold:

If you are in Austin and you want some good Noodles, try Raman Tatsu-Ya.  That’s the place Tim talked about.

Here’s a link to Darwyn Cooke’s blog where you can read more about his Parker books.

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4 Responses to Episode 76 – Mini Boners

  1. Albatross says:

    Um…You totally CAN go back and read a book over again. I have upon several occasions read a book, only to realize afterwards or well into the book that I’ve read it before. Call it a silver lining on getting old. When you haven’t read a book for 30 years you may actually forget everything about it.

    A book that I read ended with the protagonist free-falling from a destroyed ship and plunging into Earth’s atmosphere. He has a crazy-ass last-ditch piece of emergency equipment that nobody wants to use which engulfs the person on a hardening foam. If the foam cracks you die, but if it manages to hold up you can bust loose at a certain altitude and parachute to a landing – if you’re not over ocean.

    So this guy survives and managed not to land in the ocean but he has no idea where he is. So he pulls the parachute off himself and nearby is a squat building labeled “bar.” He walks in and he has landed in New Mexico, and he actually has a couple of dollars in his pocket so he can buy a beer.

    Great scene, and one of the last in the book – and only when I hit it the second time did I realize I’d read that book before.

  2. Just listened to the latest episode, and was thrilled to feed my ego with hearing my five answers read out. Seriously, thanks for your responses. Just a few updates: Toho have made a few Godzilla films since the Emmerich abomination, Final Wars included, and they’re way better. In fact they rushed out Godzilla: Millennium in 1999 just to mitigate some of the damage that the US film did. And secondly, you’re phantasmagoric sweary fanfare at the end had the intended effect – not sure when I’ll be allowed in the vicinity of children or the elderly again… Thanks again, guys, and have a happy Xmas/Secularistmas/Excusetodrinkmas.

  3. PedanticEric says:

    Tim said part of his enjoyment of seeing Episode 1 for the first time was because of the excitement after waiting “thirty fucking years” for new Star Wars. 1983 to 1999 is sixteen years, not thirty. I get a little exaggeration and hyperbole; if he’d said twenty years I wouldn’t have cared, but 30 is almost double the actual number so I had to comment.

    Also, deep pull on the MASH final episode reference by Molly.