Episode 69 – Star Trek Humanism

This week we are joined by guest Scott Lohman, President of the Humanists of Minnesota and big “Star Trek” fan.  We talk about Gene Roddenberry and his beliefs and then get deeply entrenched in how those beliefs about god found their way into “Star Trek” continuity.  There is a little bit of time spent talking about Humanism but mostly we talk about “Star Trek.”  There’s a lot of “Star Trek” to talk about.  Like two hundred and seventeen seasons or something!  Scott also gets to answer our five questions because that’s one of those things we do.

Show notes are below the fold:

Scott hosts the Humanist Views series, which you can find here.

Tim and Nick were even featured on that series.  That link is here.

We talked a lot of “Star Trek.”  Instead of links to individual episodes, how about the Star Trek Wiki?

If you want to hear some of Gene Roddenberry’s thoughts on Humanism, here’s a speech he gave in 1991 upon receiving the 1991 Humanists Arts award.

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