Episode 60 – Becky Boners

This week’s episode was recorded in the luxurious trailer studios at the Renaissance Festival where we talked about our latest geeky boners.  Nick is still pretty excited about Animal Crossing so there’s some talk about perfect cherries. Molly talks about the card game Tichu and improper dealing techniques that got her kicked out of the Bridge club.  Yes – she was in Bridge club.  Tim gets all obnoxious about the State Fair and he talks about all sorts of food you won’t get to eat.

Show notes below the fold:

Just in case you want to know about the new State Fair foods for 2013, here’s a photo gallery.

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2 Responses to Episode 60 – Becky Boners

  1. I never got into the fair either. My mother was in the local Garden Club. Therefore my memories of going to the fair involve arriving early to help set up tables and put paper around the milk bottles that the cut flowers would be displayed in. So it involved being slave labor, and then not being able to run around to check out the fair unchaperoned.

  2. Not even kidding you guys… a purple bird moved into my town in Animal Crossing and her fucking name is Becky.