Episode 56 – Minnesota Fringe Festival

Round Minnesota parts, the theatrical orgy known as the Fringe Festival is about to start!  Tim has been deeply involved in the festival for the last several years so we brought in former guest Joshua Humprey, himself quite the Fringe junkie, to talk about the event.  Josh and Tim get pretty nerdy with the details of the Festival while Molly and Nick do an admirable job of pretending to be interested.  Then Josh gets to drop five questions on the hosts and they are wicked hard.  Also, Tim has two shows at the Fringe so please go check them out! Actually, it turns out he has added a third show – and Nick and Molly will be in that one!

Show notes below the fold:

Tim appeared on Josh’s Twin Cities Theatre Connection podcast to talk about his shows just last week!  If you want to know more about his shows, you should click here!

Here’s a link to a video of the preview for one of Tim’s shows.

Too lazy to search for the Fringe Youtube channel?  We’ve got you covered.

In case you don’t get Molly’s reference to The Monkey’s Paw, you can read up on it here.

Josh’s other podcast is Double-Bill.

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7 Responses to Episode 56 – Minnesota Fringe Festival

  1. Auditions- Denson and Young held auditions, but ended up going with people we know anyway. It’s not that some of the auditioners weren’t fantastic actors, but sketch is a totally different beast.

    Fringe Central- Anyone can go to Crooked Pint and hang, but there’s apparently a special section this year that you need your Fringe button for.

    Nick- Thank you for saying Monty Python. I was shouting at my computer up until your answer.

    Religious cards for secular holidays- I fucking hate them so hard. My extremist step-father used to call me for my birthday and leave a message of him singing “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Jena, and may Jesus bless you!” Look, if you really believe in God, that He created everything and is a part of everything, then you don’t NEED to insert God. Don’t worry about bringing God to a thing for God. By definition of omnipresent, He’s already there! If I were God, i’d be fucking insulted. Like, “what? you don’t trust my god-like abilities to be to a place unless you invite me in? I’m a god, not a fucking vampire!”

    It’s a thing.

    • But what about all those people who say school shootings happen because we kicked god out of schools???? Apparently, for those folks, god *is* like a vampire.

      • Jena the Theist says:

        you know… we may be on to something.

        God = Vampire
        Jesus = Zombie
        Holy Spirit = Ghost.

        Uh, would that make Mother Mary a mummy?

    • Agree, 100%. I’ve always thought it sounded a bit like the people who do that and say those things (“They kicked god out of schools!!!” or “There’s no god in this home!”) must not believe in god very much. Because if you did believe, if you truly believed in the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient version of god touted by the bible, you’d never worry about its presence being somewhere. Because it would be everywhere all the time by fucking definition.

      Humans are, by nature, riddled with doubt and most religious dogma feeds on that as a way to either make more money for the church or impose the rules and laws defined by religious administrators onto a congregation. You have to tithe, or god won’t know you’re there. Here’s a list of things that (we decided) are sins and if you do them god won’t love you anymore. If you have done them, you need to give us donations and pray that god decides to forgive you which he will only do after you’ve proven your devotion (usually with money).

  2. Albatross says:

    “…I’d rather be Tim’s LEAST favorite.”

    BITCH, stay OUTTA my territory!

    • Albatross says:

      But what if one is a mediocre actor and annoying to work with? I’m asking for a friend…

  3. I finally found the joke I was talking about in the answer to Josh’s question about the stupidest thing somoene said to me about my atheism. It’s this:

    Yesterday, Mike Huckabee’s response to the Supreme Court was “Jesus Wept.” Since the passage he quoted is in reference to the death of one of Jesus’ followers, I can only assume that Huckabee was saddemed upon learning of the death of a member of his congregation. That or he was quoting the bible out of context because he’s a jackass.