Episode 35 – Religulous

Inspired by our talk about asshole atheists, we decided to watch Bill Maher’s film Religulous.  Maher himself is frequently referred to as an asshole atheist and he certainly does his best to rile up several believers throughout the movie.  We’d all seen the movie before but it elicited strong reactions and got us to think about what made us decide to be “out” as atheists.  Molly, especially, has a lot of thoughts on the film.  Like, three pages of thoughts.  Then we get five answers from the UK!

Show notes are below the fold:

Here’s a link to Roger Ebert’s review of the film.

The Wickipedia article includes a section called “Historical Debate” that, conspicuously, has no citations.

Here’s a link to the entire video where Rachel Maddow pwns an “ex-gay psychotherapist.”

Creation is, indeed, streaming on Netflix.

Here’s a list of Kerr Avon quotes.

If you are ever in Sheffield, here’s where you can find QC’s Bagel Bar.

Hey, do you want to download Big Fun Radio Funtime?  You can do it here!  And here’s a link to the March 8th show!

Finally, for those who are interested, here’s a link to all the notes Molly took while she was watching the movie (the first page here is actually her last page of notes because we’re lazy uploaders):



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11 Responses to Episode 35 – Religulous

  1. Guys, seriously, I’ve been DYING to go to the Creation Museum for years, but my friends refuse to give any money to those people even for the sake of some quality entertainment. I’m just saying, this summer, RV, Creation museum and we do some real investigations for “truth” at Mammoth Cave: http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/wog/cave-formations

    • I feel the same way as your friends, but I think my curiosity is winning out over my principles.

      • sadly, I’m pretty certain that the price of my admission (or a whole group of them, for that matter) is only a drop in the bucket for these people. plus there’s always donating my time and money to alternatives to offset my guilt. like carbon credits. the suggestion of kickstarting the trip is not a terrible one. fund the trip and any excess can be donated to secular charities, etc.

        my concern has always been that I’d get kicked out for scoffing too loudly. then it really would just be a waste.

  2. I love you guys reviewing movies and stuff, and if you want a challenge I would suggest you watch the Ted Haggard trilogy of:
    “Jesus Camp” It’s super creepy and I think you guys will have lots of good jokes to make.
    “The Root of All Evil” which is primarily Richard Dawkins discussing the evils of religion with a good interview of Ted Haggard when he was riding high on his power trip and before the truth about his male prostitutes and drug use came out.
    Then the fantastic “Trials of Ted Haggard” which is about his rise and fall. It does a great job showing just how desperate he and his family had gotten after being fired and losing all of their community connections and how in denial he still was because more scandals came out even after that.

    These might even be on youtube or netflix. Again, great show.

    • I don’t know if I could watch “Jesus Camp.” I have a feeling I would want to hurt someone really badly and that isn’t terribly healthy.

      • Fair enough, but it would give you something angry to blog about. Of course, there are three of you and three films that I mentioned.

        You guys also had a little discussion on Mormons and Battlestar Galactica, it goes back before the new series. There are strangely lots of genre stuff in Mormon influences, Twilight ect.. http://mormonartist.net/issue-13/introduction/

        Strange, you would think scientologists would do more.

    • Those all sound interesting. I like the idea of watching “The Trials Of…” especially.

      • Of the three, that one is the best. The Dawkins movie “the root of all evil” only has Haggard in for a little bit but it gives you perspective on the other films. Jesus Camp is super creepy.

        • I saw Jesus Camp in the theatres when it first came out. Scarier than any horror movie I’ve ever seen. I like to pair it with Hell House, a documentary about the “christ centered” haunted houses they do in texas to scare kids in to jesus with graphic depictions of abortions and other such hysteria.

          the trials of ted haggard is also quite good.

  3. Ugh. Sorry if I dominated and interrupted. I really was hoping I wouldn’t be the only one with a ton of notes, but I guess once again, I’m dorkier than everyone else and treated it like homework. /embarassed

    • I thought your notes were great. Besides, I’ll be interrupting you all over the place in next week’s episode so it’ll all balance out!