Episode 34 – Who’s an Atheist?

This week we are joined by guest Matt Savelkoul, who is quite the expert on Doctor Who.  We begin by discussing his journey to atheism but then we get to the important question – is The Doctor an atheist? Or, rather: Does god exist in the Doctor Who universe?  Both Matt and Nick even prepared notes on the subject!  After spending far too little time on the subject of Who, Matt gets a crack at our five questions.

Show notes below the fold:


Here’s a picture of Matt’s tattoo (the seal of Rassilon):

Seal of Rassilon









In case you want to know more about Michele Bachmann (you don’t), you can check out her PolitiFact page to read about some of the crazy shit she’s said.

We mentioned Matt Dillahunty’s video destroying Christian thinking.  It’s in two parts on YouTube.  Here’s a link to part one, and part two.

We aren’t going to provide you links to every Doctor Who character we mention.  That would take forever.

If you want to know more about Robot and Frank, here’s the IMDB page on the film.

Matt owns every Choose Your Own Adventure book.  For a complete list of titles, look here.

If you live in the Twin Cities, here’s links to Nelson’s Cheese Factory and Maverick’s.

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One Response to Episode 34 – Who’s an Atheist?

  1. Albatross says:

    Huh. I wonder if anybody on this particular episode would be interested in the Empire of the Petal Throne solo adventure books that were produced in the 1990’s?

    Morals: as I say, “If the only thing keeping you from a murderous rampage is your belief in god, by all means remain religious“