Episode 28 – Rangers Like Buzz Lightyear

This Weeks Episode was recorded live at the Fearless Comedy Launch party and featured local podcaster and comedian Aric McKeown.  Aric became a born again Christian in high school and we talk with him about what made him choose that path as well as how he found his way to atheism.  We also talk about his comedy podcast The Mustache Rangers. And, of course, he gets to answer our legendary five questions.  We also give a brief preview of next week’s episode!

Show notes below the fold:

Information about Michael Bluth from Arrested Development.

Tim mentioned his Alphabetical Movie Project (we’ll talk about it more next week).

The gentleman who can be heard on our intro and outro is Bill Young, local comedian and one half of the comedy blogging duo over at Youngnotions.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the GWG Crew from the launch party:



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