Episode 24 – Dirty Sacks and Classy Bags

On this episode, we talk with Brianne Bilyeu, who writes the blog Biodork on FreethoughtBlogs.  We talk with her about her blog and her work on Atheists Talk Radio.  We also talk about her job as a scientist and her volunteer work as a clinic escort. Then she gives some advice to Molly about spreadsheets (calling back to our October Geeky Boners), tells Tim she loves his CD, and then gets us talking about board games.  After all of that, we still had time for her to answer our five questions.

A whole lot of show notes are below the fold:

Camera Toss Flickr?  Sure there is!

Want to help support Atheists Talk Radio?  You can do that here!  Do it!

How about a Lustful Cockmonster shirt?

Here’s a definition we found for Eurogames.

Want to know more about Lords of Waterdeep?  We can help with that too.

Also more information about the film How to Survive a Plague.

If you are headed to Chicago, here’s some info about Rubino’s Italian Imports.

Here’s the picture she took of Simone at the Amanda Palmer concert:

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4 Responses to Episode 24 – Dirty Sacks and Classy Bags

  1. Albatross says:

    “I have a screen name that goes back to 1993”

    Oh wow, I am REALLY impressed…

    • Albatross says:

      OMG, Brianne Bilyeu and Molly Glover talking Excel spreadsheets. *whew*
      I should have you ladies over and show you my regulatory compliance spreadsheet that takes half an hour to refresh…

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