Geeks Without God Fearless Events

Hey everyone!  As part of our new partnership with Fearless Comedy, we have a couple of special podcasting events scheduled.

First, we’ll be recording a crossover episode with our fellow Fearless partners, Appropos of Nothing.  In early January, we’ll all be sitting down for a epic podcasting evening.  The three of us will be guests on the AON Podcast and then the three of them will appear on our podcast.

Scheduled air dates for those two shows are January 3rd for the Appropos of Nothing Podcast and January 8th for Geeks Without God.

We will also be recording our podcast live at the Fearless Comedy launch party on January 12th!  Our scheduled guest will be Aric McKeown from the Mustache Rangers!

We’ll be talking about a lot more stuff in conjunction with Fearless Comedy.  We’ve even got an episode devoted to it later this month.  It’ll get pretty obnoxious.

It’ll also be full of atheism, geekery and comedy so you can take the obnoxious, right?

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