Remember, Remember, The Podcasts of November

So hey, we have a whole lotta podcasting coming up!  In case you wanted to have some insider information on the best weeks to listen in November (all of them), this would be how the next four weeks are shaping up:

November 6th – We talked with Bill Lehto, editor of Atheist Voices of Minnesota about the process of putting together an anthology of atheist essays including one by Tim! And hey, if you listen to the podcast, you have a chance to win a signed copy of the book!  Listen to the podcast – win stuff. BAM!

November 13th – Our November Geeky Boner episode will be recorded LIVE at Omegacon 2012! We’ll be talking about the games we played, the movies we watched and one “lucky” audience member will get to answer our five questions!

November 20th – We had a conversation with our friend Matt Allex from the Apropos of Nothing podcast.  He tells us about his experience with a listener he helped on the journey to atheism.

November 27th  – Also recorded live at OmegaCon, we’ll spend some time talking about Fearless Comedy Productions – a new comedy company partially made of us! We’ll also talk about the sexy atheist topics of the moment and read off another listener’s answers to our five questions.




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