Episode 17 – The Contender

Welcome to another in-depth movie episode on Geeks Without God.  We decided to watch The Contender after going over the listener answers we received in Episode 13.  The film stars Joan Allen, Jeff Bridges, Christian Slater and Gary Oldman and features an atheist protagonist.  While her atheism is not the central source of conflict, it is quite relevant to the story.  We get totally bogged down in how the media can be used to manipulate opinion. After we discuss our response to the movie, we review Jordan Kronick’s answers to our five questions.

Show notes are below the fold:

Here’s a picture of Ford’s Theatre with the Hard Rock Cafe right next to it:

If you have no idea who Cerebus the Aardvark is, check this out. Also here’s a picture:

Tim also mentions The Clergy Project.

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One Response to Episode 17 – The Contender

  1. Great to hear Cerebus talked about on your show! Please check out our progress on the Cerebus animated feature: