Episode 15 – Halloween Boners

For our October Geeky Boner episode, we talked about spreadsheets, Borderlands 2 (oh boy do we talk about Borderlands 2), and Tim’s band, The Dregs.  They just released a new CD (Do it Like You’re Drunk), which Molly and Nick recommend. We also spent a lot of time talking about Halloween because all three of us love the holiday.  Molly reminisces about her Wiccan days.  Then we read and respond to Erica Zaffke Schaub’s answers to our five questions.

Show notes below the fold:

Information about the various lengths of Tom Baker’s Scarves. And here is the pattern for the scarf Molly is making for Nick.

We talk about the documentary Hell House, which is streaming on Netflix.

Tim’s kids really like playing Seven Wonders right now.

Here’s the link to our favorite local comic and gaming shop, The Source.

Correction: Tim’s band originally formed in 2001 and changed their name to The Dregs in 2003.  Thanks to our friend Eric for doing the pedantic research.


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10 Responses to Episode 15 – Halloween Boners

  1. Molly has a purple thumb print on her butt? Got to ask.. what is that from?

  2. Somebody with a purple thumb, I imagine.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed having you talk about me for 5 min. :) Who doesn’t, right?

    1. Toasted, of course – what do you think I am? Some sort of heathen who doesn’t toast her bread for a BLT. Wait a second…
    2. Mayo of course.

  4. blackangus says:

    Glad I’m not the only one embarrassed by my wiccan past