The Master

The three of us went to see P.T. Anderson’s newest film, The Master, in hopes we could use it as the jumping off point for another in-depth movie episode.  We have an upcoming episode about The Contender and we’ve also talked about Inherit the Wind and Prometheus so we’ve been thinking about making in-depth movie episodes a regular thing.

Unfortunately, none of us liked the movie.  While there is definitely an exploration of Scientology at the core of the film, it doesn’t feel as if Anderson’s critique is completely crystallized.  The film itself faces the same problem that the title character does – it feels like Anderson is making things up as he goes.

Scientology itself, though, is a great source for a podcast and perhaps the film will still serve as a jumping off point for that conversation.  Or maybe we’ll decide to talk about something else.

Whether or not we go ahead with our plans for podcasting about the film, we are always on the lookout for other films with an atheist or religious perspective as a source for a podcast.

Now seems a good time to ask our listeners – what movies do you think would make good source material for a podcast?  Do you know of any movies coming to theatres that would be worth considering?

On a related topic, recognizing not all of our listeners are local, would local folks like it if we arranged a meet-up the next time a good option gets a theatrical release?  We could even do something as crazy as try to organize a round table discussion of the movie after we watch it and we could edit that discussion into the podcast!

That sounds like a lot of work, though.  Don’t get too excited by that idea.


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