Upcoming Podcast Schedule

Hey everyone!  Thanks for listening!  We’ve been very pleased with the reception to our podcast so far.  If you are wondering what we have on tap for you, here’s how the next several episodes are shaping up:

September 11th – We talk with guest Josh Humphrey about The Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas.  He attended in 2011 and 2012.

September 18th – A Geeky Boner episode featuring Tim, Molly and Nick talking about new jobs, Indiana Jones and the US manned Space Program.  We also read and respond to the first set of listener submitted answers to our five questions!

September 25th – Guest Ronn Bauman of the Tortuga Twins talks with us about a lot of stuff but especially how we shouldn’t underestimate the “opposition.”  He also answers our five questions.

October 2nd – The three of us talk about Atheism Plus and semantics.  We also read and respond to another set of listener submitted answers.

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