Episode 3 – I’m Batman

Episode 3 was recorded prior the to release of The Dark Knight Rises and we decided to ask the question “is Batman an atheist?”  We explore all the evidence that we can remember (and we get some of it wrong) and talk about comic book characters that we know are atheists.  Nick reveals an extensive comic book knowledge that greatly eclipses Tim and Molly.  Then we point our five questions at Tim and force him to tell us about his favorite sandwich, his geekiest hobby and his favorite atheist character.  His geeky hobby is really sort of insane.

Here is a link to information about Tim’s Alphabetical Movie Project.

And here’s a link to the website we were using to identify the religion of comic book characters.

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4 Responses to Episode 3 – I’m Batman

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  2. Albatross says:

    Of course Batman is an atheist. If God were real, Batman would have long ago hunted down God and kicked his ass.

  3. Mud Stuffin says:


    Is there a list of your movies anywhere? So someone doesn’t try and suggest a movie you already own? I have a spreadsheet of my 1000+ DVDs/BluRays, I am not sure I could watch all mine in order.

  4. There isn’t a list of all the movies I own anywhere online. It changes too frequently for such a list to be beneficial. The link above shows you what I’ve watched so far.